Occasionally, Jenn will write about brands or experiences she’s had with products.  Most of the time, she’s writing about unsponsored experiences and products purchased at full price. When the product or experience is sponsored, underwritten, free, or otherwise associated with something that was promotional, Jenn will disclose this information in the relevant post.

Jenn is also the Founder and CEO of Cotton Babies, a company based in St. Louis, MO. Cotton Babies wants to see cloth diapers in every home across America.  Each of her brands is designed to reach out to a different unique market segment.  Jenn often writes about these brands or about Cotton Babies as she creates content relevant to the cloth diaper market and overall industry.

Jenn’s Brands:



Jennifer Labit is the Founder & CEO of Cotton Babies, Inc. She created bumGenius, a world-leading brand of cloth diapers. Here, she writes about everything from her experiences in the baby industry to her journey through merging motherhood with full-time corporate leadership.